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Every scribblecoder has a journey. This site has no strategy or synoposis other than a break from the typical professional journey. ScribbleCoder.com is the arena designed to allow full control for all scribblecoders that need not frameworks, but a zero byte code file, and no limits in the sky. This is about imagination, creativity, and place where "just one more compile" is always home.

Game Development
Wall of Balls

First scratch pad game written in C++ in the early 2000's. This original version is forever a classic.

Complete Original Source
Wall of Balls (WOB) Patched

Iterative completed patches made over the years to keep the project alive.

  • MSVC 2019; New Project format
  • Documentation on Project Property Changes
  • Linker fixes for BITMAPINFO on new project file.
  • Mipmap texture fixes
  • Device Independent Bitmap fixes
  • glaux declaration fixes
Download Source
Mathematics Development
Chaotic maps

Screens shots of chaotic maps written in Open GL.

Tinkerbell Lorenz Attractor Rossler Attractor Rabinovich Fabrikant Gingerbread man
Mortgage Calculator

Quick FHA Calculator for observing new property.

Adobe Photoshop

Image overlay tutorial for Adobe Photoshop.


New Years Lan Party 2021

Game Listing
  • Age Of Empires II The Forgotten CD2.2 (Non Steam)
  • Quake 3 & Team Arena 1.32
  • Quake 2 - Yamagi
  • UnrealTournament - UT99
  • Serious Sam
  • Serious Sam Second Encounter
Router Rules

IP address - cmd.exe -> ping thedavidsons.ddns.net

'and let there be fragging'

Age Of Empires
Tech Chart

Quick view of AOE Tech Chart to gain stats.